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Angelic Anderson
Statement of Purpose
I am the first to go to graduate college in my family. As such, I faced many struggles in my undergraduate career in that I did not have family or peers to turn to for support and resources that would help me in college. Yet, that adversity taught me about perseverance—moving forward when all seemed lost—and my schooling at CSU East Bay taught me that my struggles form part of a larger history of struggle by the poor, disenfranchised, and marginalized, many of who are today, unfortunately, African Americans. These experiences, in turn, play a significant role in my decision to pursue a graduate education and they now form a critical component in my ability to find ways to overcome barriers to higher education.
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After being homeless for two and a half years with a single father and two little brothers, I learned that all things are not given to you and have to work hard for what you want. I have seen my father work very hard to raise three kids who were surrounded by this vicious cycle of crime and poverty in San Francisco Public housing before passing away due to kidney failure. Watching my father pass away before my eye may have been the hardest thing ever to face as 16 year old. The experience of losing my father as well as many of my friends to prison, drug trafficking, gangs, and neighborhood violence motivated me to aim for a better future. College, I realized (and still do), became my outlet for achieving my dreams. I believe that, if peers in the urban areas of San Francisco been given the right guidance, support, and resources they would have graduated and moved on to excel in higher education. It is this belief that has led me to dedicate much of my time to providing support and resources for underprivileged youths during my undergraduate career through a camp program called Camp Towd. My long term goal is to open a non-profit organization as I want to be apart of a team that serves at-risk youth that encourage them to take the right path in life. Instead of allowing youth to repeat the cycle of crime and dropping out of school, I want to be an example to them that you can grow-up in poverty,nonetheless still manage to beat the odds and go to college to obtain a stable job in the future. I feel that people should have a second chance at life where they go to rehab programs and have a mentor to help them achieve their goals in life, as I want to be that mentor one
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