Angelo's Pizza Essay

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ANSWER #1. The expansion of stores and eventually franchising while focusing on serving only high quality fresh ingredients should include the following three resource management implications: (1) BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS – This implication represents the importance of the company’s general and competitive environment. Angelo needs a good business strategy. A strategic plan is the company’s plan for how it will match its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantage (Dessler, 2012). Angelo’s early attempts showed the pitfalls in rushing and making assumptions about replicating a viable business unit. Fortunately, Angelo has realized his lack
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(3) TRAINING – Angelo should develop a training program for both new and existing employees. The implementation of a training program is beneficial for both the company and the employees. Training programs helps each employee to understand their various role/job expectations. Unskilled workers are counterproductive to the work environment. It can jeopardize a business reputation. Angelo’s newly hired waiter/waitress should be trained on how to correctly take orders and how to serve the customers efficiently. Angelo’s ideas regarding customer service has to be shared throughout all stores. If sufficient time is devoted with the training program, all employees become an asset for the organization with the increase of their knowledge. After completion of the training, all of Angelo’s Pizza employees should know where they stand and that their performance can lead to a management position. `

ANSWER #3. By asking the following questions, I feel Angelo will be able to attain qualified candidates. The questions are based on situational and behavioral judgments.
Name of Applicant:
Position applied for:
Date of the Interview: (1) Why did you choose our organization? (2) Employees interact with a wide variety of customers. Sometimes customers may become angry/frustrated. Describe a time when you dealt with a customers
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