Anger Definition Essay

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Anger is ire. It is when you’re causally walking, not really listening to all of the chatter around you in the hallway. Everything blends together into white noise, and you don’t really care for the incessant talking. It’s when you finally tune into couple of girls talking together, attempting, and failing, to whisper. You figure they were just gossiping about the latest thing on the news, but when you catch a wisp of the phonetics of your friend’s name, you couldn’t help yourself. It’s when you hear the lies slipping from their lips, lies about your friend. The same person who’d never hurt a fly, the same person who had always been there for you. It’s the deep spark of rage that ignites through your body, the furious feeling that pools up in your heart. It’s when your lungs tighten and your chest compresses as you try to keep your composure, but you feel yourself slipping. It’s listening to each insult, and feeling as though each sentence physically pained you.…show more content…
It’s when you see the headlines, the stories, and hearing each and every day from your teachers, your parents, and other classmates about what exactly is occurring in the world right this moment. It’s when you see the number of deaths rising, day by day. It’s when you begin to loathe the people who did this, who ruined the little peace that had once settled over everyone. It’s when you begin to understand the pain, the despair making a nest in people’s hearts. It’s when you want to take action, to just do whatever it would take to obliterate the people causing this. It’s when you feel the pressure building up inside of you, and finally breaking open as you scoff to yourself, “What a cruel world it
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