Anger Management : Single Subject Design

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Anger Management: Single Subject Design
The client is a 14-year-old Hispanic female in a residential substance abuse treatment rehabilitation center. The client participated in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy anger management group. The client was admitted to the residential program in July of 2016 for her cannabis use. She was referred by Drug Court due to her failure to comply with the program rules. The client has a past of domestic violence and defiant behavior towards her mother and not abiding by curfew.
The treatment goal is for the client to learn effective ways to manage her anger. The primary goal is for the client to identify strategies and techniques that will allow her to deal with her anger and to recognize events and cues that can trigger her anger to intensify. Another goal is for the client to analyze family patterns and how her family dealt with anger and other emotions and how past interactions can impact her current thoughts, feelings and behaviors. By identifying strategies and recognizing cues and past patterns the client will be able to focus on managing her anger and using effective techniques in order to reduce her anger. Literature review
Utilizing strategies and techniques to effectively manage anger can be difficult, the lack of anger management can result in serious consequences. The literature suggest that problems related to anger and aggression can cause difficulty in many areas of life. In addition, it can cause impaired functionality for…

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