Angiogenesis for Cancer Treatment

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Nowadays various diseases cause the death of so many people every day. One of the most dangerous and destroying one is the cancer which is the type of disease with uncontrollably growing cells. Hopefully science has found a simpler and healthier way to prevent cancer and stop its growth. A new research based on angiogenesis proves that we can stop cancer just by a special diet and the good news about this diet is that we do not have to limit the food we take, but rather add specific plants and herbs to it. The so called “angiogenesis” is a term which stands for the process by which our bodies develop blood vessels. Although it doesn’t seem to be an incredibly difficult process, “angiogenesis” is the source of many well-known terminal diseases. Nowadays cancer has become extremely dangerous and very common; therefore scientists are looking for the right medicine everywhere. Could the answer actually turn to be a way too simple? Food is one of the options providing a solution for this terrible disease. Many special diets have been tested on cancer diagnosed people and cancer survivors and that was not by chance. Doctors and nutritionists have now combined their efforts in search of an effective cure for cancer. Blood vessels are extremely important part of our bodies. In fact there are so many of them that if we have to measure their length it would reach 60,000 miles in the body of an adult. The smallest vessels are known as capillaries. They can
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