Angry Birds

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Introduction Angry Birds, as a strategy puzzle mobile game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile, has now become worldwide. As a great successful game, first developed for Apple's iOS and then transplanted to other touch screen-based smart phones. In this series, from the viewpoint of a mobile developer, I want to try to find out some of the how-toes by developing a similar game that runs on the Android operating system using the Game Maker Studio. In early 2009, Finland based games make, Rovio wanted to build a successful phone application that would appeal to a wide consumer audience, but of course bring in a profit for the game maker at the same time. This was the tricky part – to date very few mobile phone apps…show more content…
Export Modules GameMaker:Studio offers cross platform porting of your games and projects. The base version of GameMaker:Studio allows you to export to Windows and MacOS with add-on modules available for Html5, iOS, and Android with more platforms being made available in the future. Physics The integration of the Box2D physics library into GameMaker:Studio means that you can now take control over all aspects of the physical behaviour of objects within your game world, particularly collisions and object interaction. Texture Pages You can specify specific texture pages for each of your graphics. This means that you can optimise your game to minimise the number of texture swaps going on by having all of a rooms resources on the same page. System Requirement 1. Windows XP 2. .NET 3.5 3. Java SE Development Kit 4. Android
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