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Portfolio Management & Advisory Services Executive Summary Recommendations for John DeRight & Judy DeRight Prepared by, Vijay Sundar * M.P.S in Real Estate, Class of ‘12 Cornell University, NY, USA * B.E. in Civil Engineering, Class of '07 Anna University, Chennai, India Talk: +1 - 949-385-0403 Write: Principles of Real Estate Development – HA6620 - Angus Cartwright / Assignment 4 John DeRight & Judy DeRight both members of the long standing DeRight family based in Arlington, Virginia are looking to diversify their portfolio of investments and are contemplating investing in real estate to achieve their investment goal. Both are in a different stages of their life and are considering one of the four real…show more content…
The break-even analysis helps us understand the minimum operating levels of the property before the bottomline is affected. The break-even occupancy is sustainable according to the estimated rates. Alison Green has the lowest break-even point at 64.84%. Ivy Terrace, the other apartment building, is 67.07%. Stony Walk and the Fowler Building, the two office complexes, are at 76% and 85.92%, respectively. This puts the highest risk of uncertainty and their effect on the returns to the office buildings. The cash flow projects for the 10 year holding period helps us understand the IRR and NPV of the project. When looking at the IRR we have to keep in mind that it assumes the cash flows will be re-invested at the IRR. Interest rates fluctuate over time, so this is an unrealistic assumption. Thus, the NPV analysis is the best projection for these properties. Page | 6 Table 7 in the detailed analysis above shows the summary of the Discounted Cash Flow analysis performed for each of the four potential properties considered for investment. From the chart below, we observe that of the four properties, TFB has the maximum increase in reversion value at the end of the holding period, i.e. 10years. On a primarily income generation potential basis, Alison Green, with a Net Present value of the future rents at $734.29 looks attractive among the four options. Looking at the Investment ranks of the four properties with Simple returns and Discounted returns variables, Alison

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