Anheuser Busch Marketing Case Analysis

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Anheuser Busch Marketing Case Analysis
“We happen to be a marketing company that sells beer.”- William Hickman, Vice President and CIO of Anhesuer-Busch (Field, 2000)

For years, companies have been relying on market research, data tracking, and data warehousing to help create marketing strategies. Marketing managers rely on this data to spot opportunities and problems and try to stay ahead of the competition.

Anheuser-Busch (AB) could arguably be called the “King of Data Collection” and much of the organization’s recent success can be credited back to their emphasis on data gathering and data sharing. AB is now the leader in the alcoholic beverages industry with 48.4% of all
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AB seized the popularity of its new product and expanded its marketing campaign to capture all of the people who were active in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. They started marketing at sporting events such as the Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill golf tournament and became the "Official Beer" for Great Britain and the USA 2006 and 2008 Olympic teams. The low-carb beer’s popularity caught AB rivals off guard and left them scrambling to develop and market comparable products.

Becoming aware of social and cultural trends

Although the low-carb diets may have just been a fad, the data collected through BudNET, and other data linked sources, also allowed AB to recognize major trends as well. There has been a gradual shift in consumer tastes toward premium beers in recent years. AB has responded by forming partnerships to strengthen their premium offerings. August Busch IV, President and CEO, has often stated the company has a goal of increasing AB’s participation in the premium beer market (Beirne, 2006). In February, 2006, AB announced that it will be distributing five popular import brands, including Stella Artois and Beck’s, after completing a deal with Belgium-based InBev. In January, 2007, AB announced an alliance with Czech brewery Budejovicky Budvar NP to import Czechvar in the US (Janicek, 2007).

Clearly Anheuser-Bush is not the only brewer interested in the gathering and analyzing market
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