Animal Abuse And Human Abuse

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It seems like nowadays nearly everyone in society knows something about the abuse. If not, abuse is a somatic or physiological form of harm. It also seems that more and more people are getting concerned about animal abuse. Promptly because of that, there are more and more foundations to help rescue animals and nurture them back to health. However, animals around the globe are still not getting rescued and are still getting abused. In order to be fully acquainted about animal abuse, the common types of animal abuse, and the causes of animal abuse must all be explored, as well as the ways to prohibit the occurrence of animal abuse. Animals have rights, those in which are being violated. Animals can not defend themselves, so the world needs to defend animal rights for the animals. There are so many types of animal abuse, which can be found anywhere and happen to any animal. The world needs to be more apprehensive of how to stop this abuse, but also get more familiar to what it is. There are so many different types of animal abuse, some worse than others. The most common type according to the article ”What Can You Do To Stop Animal Abuse” shows that “Animal neglect is the most common types of cruelty or abuse that Animal Welfare Agencies respond to”(2). Animal neglect is where an animal 's caretaker ceases to provide for the animal. They fail to provide the essential necessities for an animal 's survival, such as, food, water, shelter, and even the veterinary care sufficient
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