Animal Abuse : Puppy Mills

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Mallory Henderson
Mrs. Gallos
English 3
6 April 2017

Animal Abuse: Puppy Mills
Puppy Mills are large breeding areas where dogs are just produced at an over abundance. The cruelty that lies around a puppy mill is unthinkable. The profit of these dogs is put over the well being of them, it’s all about the money. Most of the puppies people will see at pet stores come right from a puppy mill, and are prone to either already being sick or it’s just the beginning of health problems to come. If puppy mills were shut down, many of the Pet stores that sell puppies would more than likely run out of business, because they wouldn’t have the supply from the puppy mills any longer. This is a description of one of the many living conditions of
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A big topic that will come up when there is talk about a puppy mill is a pet store. Pet stores are quite popular places to go when people want to just get a quick experience with a cute puppy. Some, even purchase from these puppy stores and will spend outrageous amounts of money, but does anybody really realize where these dogs are coming come. Not all pet stores sell dogs, the key word to figure out if the puppies originate from a puppy mill is sell not adopt. If a pet store sells the dogs, more than likely the dog that’s being purchased comes from one of these sickening puppy mills. There’s also a good indication that the puppies that are sold online come straight from puppy mills. So, it’s always best to go to a local shelter or somewhere in the area that is known, for adoption. Veterinary care is not used at all within these puppy mills, or it is very limited. So any of the health issues that are seen in these dogs happen from poor sanitation and no medical care. It’s even more disturbing to realize that “in some cases, operators who performed surgeries on dogs without a veterinary license or shot and killed unwanted dogs.” (A Horrible Hundred: 100 Problem Puppy Mills). It’s crazy to know that those kind of procedures go unnoticed. The dogs really end up having no quality of life, from being treated so unfairly. The dogs are really looked
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