Animal Abuse Satire

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At this time, my fiancé and I cannot have children, so we purchased a puppy. Not some cute tiny toy poodle, not some little pug, a little pit bull puppy. He was all white at birth. I have never owned a pit bull myself, I was raised around them though as family pets. I never knew it would be so excruciating to train this devil. I am not a believer in corporal punishment, I do not believe in animal abuse at all. I have a cage for him only during my absence, or he is in trouble. It is open for him to also lay in whenever he so chooses to. My puppy’s name is Ghost (because he is white). He was not hard to house train at all. In fact, I like to think he trained himself to “go” outside. He is very playful. I just cannot get him to STOP chewing…show more content…
He knows when it is time for my fiancé and I to go to work, he knows when to expect us home as well. He also knows when it is time to go to bed, if we are watching TV too late he lets us know we are off schedule. He is quite entertaining. If he wants to play and we aren’t in the mood, he will play fetch by himself. He will literally throw his own rope to the next room go get it and repeat this until he is done. Really, he is not that hard to train. The main thing is to get him to quit chewing my stuff up. He will be the best dog ever when he gets out of the chewing phase. Please dear GOD let this be a phase and something that he will grow out of. Some dogs never grow out of this and I would be devastated if he doesn’t. This means I would either make him an outside dog, or I will have to rehome him. I love him too much already to give up hope. I must remind you Ghost is 5-months-old. In the 4 months and 2 weeks we’ve had him, he has been trained to; sit, lay down, go outside, walk on a leash (still some kinks), roll over, and when I say “go to your cage” he will. I just need to learn how to channel his energy or get him to focus, which is challenging because he is too hyper. I try the whole running him thing and that only works for a short period. He has limitless energy. This isn’t like keeping sugar from a child and they will calm down, this canine has no limits to his abilities. He is so smart it is
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