Animal Abuse Senior Paper

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Animal Abuse

Jordan Froce

English IV
Period: 2
Mrs. Zoltani
9 April 2010
Jordan Froce
Mrs. Zoltani
English IV
3 March 2010
Animal Rights

Thesis Statement: Imagine a dog running to fetch a toy, A horse galloping on a trail, or even a heard of cows grazing upon a grassy pasture. These same beloved animals could be suffering an unimaginable fate in some of the world concentration camps that are still standing. Only nowadays they are known to the outside world as slaughterhouses, fur farms, or experimentation centers.

I. Introduction II. Animal Rights a. What they are b. Organizations III. Experimentaion c. Tests d. Labs IV. Clothing e. How it is made f. Fur Farms
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Many animals are tortured and killed just for their skins in order to make materials such as leather. In some cases these animals such as pigs, -
Froce 3 cows, horses and many more are skinned alive and left for dead to suffer a brutal execution (Dudley 17). Fur farms are at an even bigger fault in this clothing industry of horror. In many cases there are thousands of animals raised in a crammed cage and then are forced to relieve themselves directly where they stand developing many illnesses and infections (Whalow 2). Many of these animals do not even know what the ground feels like. Often some may die of starvation, infection or other illnesses and be left for dead in these cages for days (Kerven 14). Do not misunderstand the fashion world is not the only industry that play a vicious role in the mistreatment and killing of these animals. The food industry plays just as big of a part in these treacherous acts. We do not realize where our food comes from when it is served to us on a plate. In most cases many animals were abused and tortured before execution in order to get a piece of meat on your plate. One widely known conglomerate in America that takes part is McDonalds (Collins 21). Their farm animals are treated horrible during their entire process. First, their chickens are transported from the farm to the slaughterhouses in which most cases they are carelessly thrown into the cages causing broken limbs. After that they are forced to travel
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