Animal Abuse Should Not Be Banned

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Everyday it seems a new news report comes out about another animal that had been abused, tortured or killed. Every so often a new station will do an undercover investigations revealing some underground pit-bull fighting ring or a gambling ring that involves cock fighting.

In today 's world animal abuse has been occurring with troubling regularity in the United States. No species of animal seems to be immune from this cruelty, from companion animals to circus animals made to perform tricks to farmed animals who not only will be killed for their meat many suffer from daily abuse like force feeding or living in deplorable conditions, animal abuse is an increasingly concerning issue but in the eyes of the law animal abuse amounts to nothing more than purposely breaking a neighbors flower pot.

Animal abuse is simply ignored by authorities because they know under the law these sick individuals will be charged at most with a low end misdemeanor and even if they are convicted the most they ever receive is a fine and in the worst cases probation.

For example, a New Jersey woman who starved her dog, stuffed him into a trash bag, dumped him into a garbage disposal, and left him to die only received a $2,000 fine and 18 months of probation for her crime.

In another case we reported on Wildlife Planet, a YouTube video showed some demented workers viciously kicking, and stomping on, some dairy cows at an Idaho dairy farm. The video went viral and the public outrage was clearly…

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