Animal Advertising And Its Effects On The Marketing World

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Tyler Faden
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Animals in Advertising

Advertisers have tried a variety of tactics to gain their viewers attention. One tactic that seems to have struck a chord in the marketing world is the use of animals. Additionally, most people find animals captivating and part of nature (1). As a result, this has become common practice to help increase sales, creating an affinity towards a brand with the use of animals. Brand identity however is not the only reason animals are used in marketing. The use of animals in advertising encompasses a multitude of psychological aspects including behavioral, neurological, and emotional components. Thus, this study examined the use of animals in current advertisements

Psychological components: intro statement
The main goal of any marketer is to boost sales. Arguably the best way to accomplish this goal is to create a brand that people associate themselves with, helping to grab the viewers attention in a captivating way.

Background info on advertising: One of the first tactics used in advertising was the use of color in 1946. The findings indicated that color had no significant effect on consumer purchasing behavior (2). In contrast, Strick, Holland, van Baaren, and Knippenberg found that color successfully lowered the resistance consumers experienced regarding advertisements (3). Humor has also been shown to “reduce psychological opposition to public service announcements” (4). Other tactics found to be successful in motivating…
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