Animal Advertising And Its Effects On The Marketing World

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Tyler Faden Rough Draft Animals in Advertising Intro Advertisers have tried a variety of tactics to gain their viewers attention. One tactic that seems to have struck a chord in the marketing world is the use of animals. Additionally, most people find animals captivating and part of nature (1). As a result, this has become common practice to help increase sales, creating an affinity towards a brand with the use of animals. Brand identity however is not the only reason animals are used in marketing. The use of animals in advertising encompasses a multitude of psychological aspects including behavioral, neurological, and emotional components. Thus, this study examined the use of animals in current advertisements Psychological components:…show more content…
Specifically, when violence or sex was included, the participants remembered more television commercials and had better recall of the product/service being advertised (5). Similar results were found when emotion was included in advertisements. That is, when emotion was used in the advertisement, consumers increased their buying behavior of the product/service (6). Introducing animals The main way animals are able to exhibit these traits is through the use of visual representation. Visual images help the viewer understand brand identity and helps increase the advertisements effectiveness in terms of sales. The effectiveness however of an image must become associated with a brand first for its effectiveness to become profound. Underwood and Schulz suggested that “paired-associative learning is the basis of the product-brand name link and must be acquired before it can be effective in advertising” (7). This pairing of brand and image is therefor the first step in creating a successful marketing campaign. Marketers hope that once this relationship has been forged, simply seeing the image will increase sales. Images may vary in their directness towards the product. They may be the main image or in the background. 1st Example: Spears and Germain viewed animals in advertising and their results revealed that animals were used to dictate the spirit of each decade. One example includes the time period between
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