Animal Agriculture And Its Effects On Human Health And Disease Essay

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The Secret to Sustainibility In the next few decades, the human kind will be driving species to extinction 1000 times faster than normal, accounting for the largest mass extinction in 65 million years (Ceballos). And the cause of this devastating fact is climate change which is destroying and altering millions of species habitats. But what is the leading cause of climate change? Excess transportation exhaust? Natural gas production? Oil production? Excessive industrial bases releasing uneeded amounts of gas into the atmosphere? No; the answer is rather surprisingly unknown- animal agriculture. In the current state of unsustainability, there are many interrelated issues the human race faces today due to animal agriculture such as fresh water scarcity, collapse of sea life ecosystems, unprecedented extinctions and loss of biodiversity, food security and agricultural land use inefficiencies, implications in human health and disease, questions of social justice, and implications regarding future generations. Livestock production impacts the planet in a catastrophic way and the rate at which greenhouse emissions are increasing are completely unsustainable for every living species on this planet. A United Nations report warns that rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than of the entire transportation sector because transportation exhaust is responsible for only 13% of all greenhouse gas emissions whereas livestock and their byproducts account for 51% of all worldwide
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