Animal Agriculture's Negative Impact On The Environment

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Most environmental issues today come from actions that are so-called “necessary” with the way the world operates in the 21st century. Examples of such activities and their consequences is driving a car and the release of nitrous oxides into the air, or heating and cooling homes and businesses which requires the use of fossil fuels. However, animal agriculture, the industrialized production of meat and animal related products, is an industry that is not necessary to the functionality of society today. People’s desire to consume animal products is more often than not driven by taste buds, not survival. Furthermore, most people are not aware of the wide scale degradation animal agriculture causes both the planet and peoples’ health. Although animal agriculture impacts the environment in many forms, the negative impacts on the world’s limited water resource is too severe for such an industry to be able to continue to operate how it does today.
Water is critical to the survival of any species on planet Earth. However, according to National Geographic (n.d), humans have done a poor job at conserving the 0.007 percent of the planet's water that is available for use. The importance of conserving such little water is lost on someone in an industrialized nation, because turning on the tap provides
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This is where learning on behalf of citizens is necessary. For another example, Hansel (2015) describes how the production of one hamburger uses 660 gallons of water, which is equivalent to two months of showering. Although providing information is one of the least effective ways to cause behavior change, if the whole world was aware, people might stop thinking shorter showers is the best way to conserve clean water. For any protection of the water resource to occur, people have to care enough to change and be aware of the consequences of their
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