Animal Assisted Therapy Is An Ethical Therapeutic Practice

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It comes to question as to whether or not animal-assisted therapy provides the correct treatment that it focuses on. When talking about animal-assisted therapy, poeple are using the presence of animals as a way to heal for therapeutic reasons. Targeting no specific patient, this practice is used throughout various age for various diseases and emotional, physical and intellectual disabilities. Animal-Assisted Therapy works to provide happiness throughout the rough times for any patient. Although a few individuals detest animal-assisted therapy because they believe that it utilizes inappropriate proprietorship as opposed to friendly companionship which follows a curative result. It is studied that animal-assisted therapy is an ethical therapeutic practice since it treats various disperses that may never be managed. The helpful capability of animals was initially perceived in the late 1800s, when Florence Nightingale, the founder of advanced nursing, made generous disclosures in regards to animal-assisted therapy. The thought that animal-assisted therapy can assume a critical part in enhancing human prosperity struck as a genuine practice in 1980(Berek 1). E. Friedman discovered a phenomenal experiment that showed those who own pets tend to live longer than those who do not own any pets(1). Studies show that petting an animal releases hormones that produce a calming effect to humans which can lead to lower blood pressure and stress levels(1). The calming effect also works on

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