Animal Behavior : Animals And Animals

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People have always been considered the epitome of sociality, among other behaviors, that separate them from animals. However, with recent research, these set of characteristics have now been widened to include animals as well. Animals are no longer considered totally mindless beings that act the way they do because they have been made that way and will continue to live within those defined behaviors. For instance, dogs were considered mindless as they seemed to have no will except to follow what their owners instructed them to do. However, by watching dogs, this turns out to not be the case. One thing to take into consideration is that when using words to describe certain behaviors of animals that are associated with humans, it is important to not anthromorphise but to treat the behaviors as specific and distinct to that animal. Moreover, the behaviors that we label are relative between species and even within species, so it is better to describe things in broad terms rather than have specific categories for it will help broaden our understanding of animal behavior. As for dogs, they have easy sociability because of the different ways they interact with other dogs and with human companions through the three clusters of cooperation, empathy, and justice.
Cooperation “is behavior in which both parties benefit at the time of the interaction” (Bekoff and Pierce 61). While it may seem a simple term and concept of working together, and might be a deliberate or instinctive

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