Animal Behavior Of Snowy Owls

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Animal Behavior The animal I picked is a Snowy Owl the reason why I picked a Snowy Owl is because I always thought they are cool and always wonder why they do the things they do. If you were wondering what kind of group of animals they come from it is the bird. They are not going extinct. I say this because in the article I read it states “ Snowy Owls are not going to be extinct because their is a lot of food for them and people do not kill owls as much” I got this from a article I read called (Fun facts about Snowy owls,2016)

Now the reason why I picked the Song sparrow is because I think they are the same as the Snowy Owls . They fly and leave during different types of weathers plus there is many types of birds. So they
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Snowy Owls are white with black dots everywhere. They are 20 - 27 inches tall and their wingspan is about 51-75 cm and weigh 40-70 ounces. They could hide or say camouflage by going in the snow because they are a really bright white which could match the snow.Their coats look like if rocks or dirt fell on their white feathers . There's a difference between a female Snowy Owl and male that is the male is mostly white around the end of the tale and has dots. But Female Snowy owls have dots all over their…show more content…
They can find their food by looking around in front of a house or in a forest to find insects in the dirt. Plus a way they find their food is by swooping down and grabbing their food. Plus did you know that Song sparrows eat more things in types of food they eat insects, bird seeds, berries , leafs and etc.

Snowy owls live in a snowy part of earth and might be in chicago some snowy owls live in alaska and canada and sometimes will stay in a tree in the morning but most owls are active at dusk and dawn, spending the daytime at a quiet inconspicuous roost. Plus they live on land and not water because they will not be able to survive. Plus where they live they are not a lot of plants because of the weather being so cold and the animals would be around where they live is Other owls, insects and might have bird seeds if humans bought them. Did you know owls are always up at night and a sleep in the
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