Animal Cell Specialization

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Without cells no living creature would be able to function: that is why cells are so important in our life. Cells help us maintain homeostasis and keep our genetic code in the nucleus. They also make up our tissues which make organs and work together in organ systems. So without cells the human race and the beautiful things on earth wouldn't exist. To perform functions in the body there is cell specialization to do certain tasks. Each cells is made up of many different organelles to help the cells carry out these tasks. Every animal cell has a nucleus, nucleolus, nuclear envelope, cytoplasm, chromosomes, lipid bilayer, rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, many ribosomes, mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, vacuole, cytoskeleton,…show more content…
To start out, the nucleolus make ribosome and then send them out to attach to the rough ER(endoplasmic reticulum). After it is at the ER it starts to create protein to send to the Golgi apparatus. The Golgi apparatus make particles ready to be shipped across the body. At the smooth ER it has the same functions as the rough ER except it makes lipids instead of protein. Next the mitochondria is the cell power factory that transfers something not useful to the cell into energy. After that we check on the lysosome, it is the waste disposal of the cell and if necessary can kill the cell. Then we see the brains of the cell, the nucleus. The nucleus hold the genetic info and carries out functions in the cell. Next is the cytoskeleton, this is a support for the cell so it doesn't collapse on itself. After that is the cell membrane or the guards of the cell. The membrane can decide let things in or keep them out. Another thing that sorrounds a cell could be the cell wall. The cell wall is found only in plants and it protects the cell in a hard shell. Another organelle found only in plants is a chloroplast. A chloroplast converts energy from the sun into chemical energy. Then it is the centrioles, they are made of microtubules and organize the assembly of more microtubules. Surrounding all of these organelles is cytoplasm: a liquid that fills a cell. That is what happens within the various parts of the cells that permit it to perform the functions necessary for
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