Animal Cloning Extinct Animals

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My research is about the art of cloning cloning includes all things that are living. People have created a way to clone things.What they have to do is they have to get a mature somatic cell from what they wish to copy then they put the somatic cell in an egg cell that has its nucleus removed.Scientists have created a lot of things from a big deer to a tiny little mouse and they are all cloned from the process that I had mentioned at the top.They are also able to clone a lot more things than just those that I had mentioned it is even a possibility that they could clone humans and have they already no one knows only the people that have created them.

Cloning Extinct Animals
There are a lot of animals that are going extinct every day and there might be a way to not stop it but we could clone the animals that are starting to go extinct.When we clone them we could have more of those extinct animals.The way scientists or other people who wish to clone could clone animals that are already extinct
Is that if we have some type of DNA of that animal we could do the same process that they use to clone animals and that will clone that animal that is extinct and they could reproduce more animals.Then they will be able to protect them and there won't be that much extinct animals.The process that they use is called interspecies nuclear transfer and that is what they call it when they clone an endangered animal.They way that it works is the same way they clone any other living thing
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