Animal Cloning Should Be Banned

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Step One: Get Attention Intro: (Show picture) of Dolly the sheep, first cloned animal. (Show picture of McDonalds) and how they do not have a policy against using cloned animal meat, in which according to, in McDonalds See What were made of campaign, McDonald’s did not have a policy on cloned animal meat, or food from their offspring. Talk about audience analysis survey. Talk about how I am against animal cloning, and how I wrote a persuasive essay on human cloning last year, and that the topic of animal cloning interested me, considering animal cloning has been done before. I will be talking about how animal cloning is unethical, goes against animal welfare, is only legal, because of a flawed FDA report, and lastly the risks, technically outweigh the benefits. Thesis: Animal cloning should be banned because, it is unethical, harms animal welfare, was passed by a flawed FDA report, and has too many risks, with very little benefits. Step Two: Establish the Need II. Body 1: Topic sentence: Unethical, because since scientists have the technology today to clone animals does not mean they should. A. Supporting idea 1: 64 percent of Americans think cloning is morally wrong and another 63 percent would not buy cloned food even it were labeled as safe (End Animal Cloning) B. Supporting idea 2: Human cloning and genetic engineering (End Animal Cloning) Some Americans believe that the same technology used to clone animals would be used to clone humans. Also
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