Animal Cruelty: A Serious Matter In The US

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Animal Cruelty is a very serious matter in the U.S about 3,000 animals die each year, from animal abuse even though it’s against the law. Those that choose to abuse a Animal should be punished, Just as if a human gets punished for mistreating a Human being.
Therefore, Abusing an Animal can be the start of a very dangerous thing in life “Serial killers often start with animals before graduation to human victims. Notorious killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer,Ted Bundy,Ivan Milat and Paul Denyer, Had histories of animal abuse” (Panahi). Animal abuse can lead to many other problems. If people feel it is okay to abuse an Animal. Then they will feel it is okay to abuse Family, Children etc. Animal abuse is a matter that should not be taken lightly.
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The Penal Code 42.092 section 2 states “Cruel MAnner” includes a manner that caused or permits unjustified or unwarranted pain or suffering. So that applys to stray or feral cats or dogs, Also depends on the type of cruel action involved,whether the convicted was one of many, or weather or not he/she is a minor.(Penal Codes) A class A Misdemeanor can be up to $4,000 or imprisonment up to 1 year. The third conviction of the above state jail felony up to $10,000 and imprisonment for 180 days to 2 Years(Animal Cruelty Law). Some Cruel Actions warrant harsher punishment even on the first conviction if a defendant killed an Animal or some big crime depends on the felony that you are charged with (Ravenscroft)
Furthermore. They’re many ways to stop Animal abuse. It’s just a matter of searching. One interesting way that was brought up in Cuyahoga County was “Ms. Simon said. As proposed, those convicted of a felony charge of animal abuse to a companion animal would be added to a list maintained by the sheriff’s office and would be prohibited from ever obtaining a companion animal in the county again. The listing would never expire. Shelters, rescue groups, breeders, and others would be able to check the public registry before approving a potential new owner (Alexandra
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