Animal Cruelty And Cruelty Should Not Be Considered Property Under The Law

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For many years, animals have been getting abuse all over the world. Animals are not getting the right treatment that they deserve. All over the world there are law enforcements for this crime. Animal Cruelty and Neglect is an issue that not everyone looks at or pays attention to. Those who are neglecting these species should receive a form of punishment due to them thinking that it’s just a senseless act. Connections of human violence and animal cruelty are under looked within family lifestyles. Unintentional, intentional, and cruel intention all maybe the forms of prior human abuse that can disrupt the future decisions. Under the law, animals are considered property (like a piece of furniture or a car). What needs to be changed is how …show more content…

Intentional people also took part in the crime of animal cruelty. Unintentional people take part in the animal abuse without knowing. Most people have the intentions to be good pet owners without knowing the right facts. For them to actually do these crimes they have either been sucked into peer pressure or frustrated and someone or something. Most people have friends who verbally force them to torture an animal just because they may not be as cool enough to fit in. Also when people are frustrated they don’t know what or who to take it out which cause the animals to suffer. All they need to know is that they don’t have to listen to someone to fit in. They just need to be themselves and don’t worry about what people say. When it comes to the cruel intentional abusing, it happens with no regret. People do it because they like violence and pain. I think people who does things like this does not know what to do with their life. Mental diseases are the cause for this cruel act most of the time. They don’t realize they need serious help. If the people would just go see a psychologist that will give them the support they need they might be able to change their bad actions.
In “Animal Cruelty: Pathway to Violence Against People”, Linda Merz-Perez and Kathleen M. Heide provide insight into the horrors of violence against animals by building on previous research that examined the link between animal cruelty and human interpersonal violence. The study begins with four

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