Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On Animals

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Feathers like wool have been misunderstood in how they are harvested, rooster breeders have been claiming to lead a cage free space before they were being slaughtered and for the most part this was false. Many may not know that when feathers are being pulled out of a rooster or any other type of bird you would still have to kill them. First birds are being scalded in hot water for about two to three minutes and although this process is not necessary it makes the removal of the feathers way easier, the feathers are then removed wither by hand or machine. “The general method of removing feathers is done by holding the goose down, usually with the head between the knees of the worker, which can cause suffocation or injury if not done correctly.” Said by Vegan Peace in their article called Down and Feathers. These feathers are mostly used for feather earrings and feather hair extensions, but luckily for feathers it has been pretty easy to purchase false feathers that does not involve animal cruelty.
When it comes to cosmetics and testing on animals most of the animal testing is wasted work which doesn’t lead to anything or is still being done to prove what may be obvious. The fashion industry advocates to us that you can transform yourselves by applying on makeup, and what girl wouldn’t want to feel better about herself? Meanwhile we are purchasing these cosmetic products and using them to go have a nice night out or to enjoy time with good company or whatever else maybe the…
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