Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On Society

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For years, animals have been a form of entertainment whether it has been in movies, shows, circuses, or for a romantic night out. Most families love this type of entertainment because it is kid friendly and believe it is cool to watch animals do all kinds of tricks. But do they ever wonder what really goes on behind closed doors? Entertainment animals have had to endure a lot of pain, depression, and torture in the process; aside from that not all of them have that “happy ending.” No one enjoys pain, this includes humans and animals, and so no one should have be force to go through it. Each year hundreds of animals die from animal cruelty. Animals used for entertainment have to endure pain in various ways this can be anything from being whipped to being electrocuted. Animals have no way of saying “STOP, stop hurting me” all they can do is make noise but most handlers choose to ignore the cries or enjoy the sound of it. While one is out trying to impress their significant other, they get on a carriage because they think it is romantic, but do they stop to think that maybe the horse does not enjoy pulling them around town. Horse drawn carriages have died each year from heat strokes, inhaling exhaust fumes, and leg problems. Countless other incidents have occurred in which humans and horses were involved, especially in the city; many of which humans were at fault either for driving carelessly or impatiently. The local animal control officials are the ones who are supposed to

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