Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On The Environment

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The competition to produce the most low-priced meat, egg and dairy products has led animal businesses to treat animals as objects and commodities. Worldwide, small family farms have transformed into “factory Farms”- large warehouses where animals are confined in crowded cages or restrictive pens. If the anti-cruelty laws that protect pets were applied to farmed animals, many of the U.S. farming practices would be illegal in all 50 states. I believe this needs to come to an end and more awareness needs to be advocated. My project focused on animal rights and abuse. I was an activist against animal abuse and consumption and signed numerous petitions supporting Veganism. Animal cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or the failure to take care of an animal. Either way, and whether the animal is a pet, a farmed animal, or wildlife, the victim can undergo extreme suffering. I have always had an extreme desire to help animals and this project provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

My project fits into two Areas of Interaction: the Environments and Health and Social Education. This project has allowed me to develop more awareness about the environment and my responsibility to help within it. I have also expanded my knowledge of physical, social, and emotional health and am now able to be the healthiest I can be whilst guiding others along the way.

September 11 was the day I had decided to begin my IB project, and I had chosen to research animal rights and see what I could…
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