Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On The World

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Animal Cruelty The weather outside is harsh. The wind is blowing and the temperature is below freezing. Imagine being locked in a cage and left unprotected from this weather with small portions of food and water that has turned to ice. Now imagine being yanked from this cage and bashed on the floor, stunned, and now skinned alive. Does this sound cruel? Does this sound like something that no creature should ever have to endure? This is something that is experienced by many different types of animals across the world every single day on “fur farms.” Animals are left out in the cold to produce their thickest fur coat and then skinned for that fur. This process happens to approximately sixty minks in order to make one coat (RandomHistory). It is almost impossible to fathom the amount that this must have happened just to create all the mink coats in the world, much less the amount killed if you include all of the other species used to make coats. The saddest part of it all is that this is only the beginning of the multitude of horrendous things that happens to the most innocent of God’s creatures. God put animals on the earth to make man’s life better and to survive not for man to disrespect and torture them. Animal cruelty is overlooked and ignored and it’s time for people, all people, to stand up and defend these animals and be their voice. I warn anyone who chooses to read further that most if not all of this information is very difficult to take and is not for

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