Animal Cruelty And Mistreatment Of Animals

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Nationwide animals are mistreated each day; millions of animals are killed each year because people do not know how to properly treat a living creature respectably. Animal Cruelty and mistreatment is present nationwide; in order to prevent this type of mistreatment, American’s need to be aware of the injustice of animal cruelty. Scientific research, abandonment, and mistreatment are the main reason why these animals are neglected each day. “Animal Cruelty” is referred as the savagery of animals; brutish or mindless cruelty by people, likened to the behaviour of animals. Fast Food Corporation for example, have a bad reputation in killing animals. Many people in today’s society are unaware that animals are abused, neglected, and killed each day. Scientific researchers use animals to preform daily experiments. Scientists mutilate animals’ structure and even the brains of some. Monkeys, for example are the animals that scientist experiment most in the laboratory. Monkeys are similar to humans. They are smart and they also can do whatever you teach them, too. The only difference is that they cannot speak like humans. This facts ensures that animals do not have a “voice” in the process of the mistreatment. Scientist go overboard with every living creature they get. Even if the poor living creature fight they will never win because scientist will just the job of killing them. Scientist should be punished for what they do to all of these animals. Scientist feel
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