Animal Cruelty Is A Popular Thing

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Nicholas Skalecki
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11 December 2014
Animal cruelty
Have you ever heard of an event where someone has cruelly beaten or abused an animal? Animal cruelty is a popular thing that happens all around the world even in places we least expect it. People beat, abuse and sometimes even murder their animals over something as little as them doing something they were not supposed to. In America, there are laws against abusing animals but yet it still does happen. One example of these Laws is the “Buster 's Law”. This Law is based in New York and is designed to increase the punishment for animal cruelty (Iannacone 755). Still, dogs get beat almost to death and starved of food and water and these laws are not hunting every person down to stop them from doing this to their pets. Humane societies today are filled with abused dogs and cats that were found freely roaming the streets with no homes just because the owner locked them out of their house.
A very well know and debatable type of animal cruelty is euthanizing pets. When a dog has no home and is sent to the pound they are then given two to eight days before they are put down. This is what the humane societies are trying to prevent. They will hold on to the dogs and make them better until they are fit and ready for an owner. This is the difference between pounds and humane society’s. If you send a pet to a pound, don’t expect it to be going to another home. If you send a pet to a humane society they will…

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