Animal Cruelty Is A Tremendous Issue Concerning The United States

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Animal Cruelty and the Link to Abuse Toward Humans Animal cruelty is a tremendous issue concerning the United States and has a large link to abuse toward humans. On (n.d.), they found that “Today animal cruelty has been reported in urban, suburban, and rural settings in all regions of the country” (para. 6). But at the same time, there is animal welfare, which can protect animals when they have been mistreated. Individuals who participate in animal cruelty are more likely to engender harm to humans. In Rescue Ink (2010), found that “70% of animal abusers also have records of other crimes - often violent crimes” (para. 3). In addition to, there is a myriad of research and statistics that emphasizes how several components increase the link between abuse to animals and abuse to humans. The largest components are: households where domestic violence occurs, individuals who become serial killers, and individuals that grew up with a disturbing childhood. Animal welfare laws convey the intent of making sure animals are being treated fairly. Strand (2014) found that “In its simplest form, animal welfare refers to the relationships people have with animals and the duty they have to assure that the animals under their care are treated humanely and responsibly” (para. 1). Due to the myriad amount of individuals that contribute to abuse against animals, it is impossible to ensure that all individuals receive the consequences that are applicable to their retribution. In…
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