Animal Cruelty Must Stop Essay

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Meat is considered to be a go-to meal for many at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What most do not think about is where their burgers or chicken wings are really coming from. Animals live dangerous lives in enclosures and cages, where they are forced to eat and sleep against their own will. Peter Singer discusses some of these issues in his article, “Animal Liberation” and how this freedom will take time and commitment. Singer talks about the harsh treatments of these farm animals and the factory farming that goes on behind the scenes. He knows that animals cannot express their feelings through words, so their actions should be acknowledged instead. Because the animals are not necessarily kept healthy and taken care of, eating…show more content…
When he talks about the sponsors, he says, The contributors to the book may not all see the issue this way. They are a varied group. Philosophers, ranging from professors to graduate students, make up the largest contingent. There are five of them, including the three editors, and there is also an extract from the unjustly neglected German philosopher with an English name, Leonard Nelson, who died in 1972. … The other pieces are by a psychologist, a botanist, a sociologist, and Ruth Harrison, who is probably best described as a professional campaigner for animal welfare (Singer 205). It is obvious that there are many different views included in this article and the more opinions, the stronger the argument. Individuals who wrote these articles may not have coincided that they were supporting a liberation movement for a cause such as animal welfare, but all together, they have. There are those that may see animal rights as a joke and not want to take it serious. Black Liberation and Women’s Rights are seen as more legitimate liberations. It is clear to see that all humans, black, white, male, or female, are equal in leadership, intelligence, and logic. Animals are nonhuman, therefore they are considered as less than the same. Equality does not hinge on one’s intelligence or

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