Animal Cruelty Organization

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ASPCA is a program that saves lives with the help and effort of caring people trying to make difference in today's society. We don't do this by helping the homeless or solving african hunger but simply fixing the problem right next to us, animal cruelty. Animal cruelty can be significantly decreased with the help of you sharks.
ASPCA is the most reliable and credible organization out there and it is an organization that you are going to want to put your money into because we will actually make a difference with it. A lot of animals get beaten, killed, and held in bad conditions but that can all change.
Anyone can talk about making a difference but we have made a difference. Around 1 million animals are abused and killed every year and hundreds and thousands of those animals are dogs who are forced to fight to the death for entertainment. With the help of our 2.5 million supporters that continue to grow, we save about 7.9 million dogs and cats alone every year. We have the best statistics dealing with the amount of
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We have very dedicated members of the board who are willing to help animals at all cost. We are the organization who put the first anti cruelty law into action. Even though we have about 13,600 community animal shelters that are all over the U.S., There are more than 10,000 puppy mills that we could put an end to with your support. We are asking for 1 million dollars and 500k is going towards opening more community animal shelters, 250k is going towards medical equipment for the animals who were injured, and the rest is for advertising to spread the word about animal cruelty. We need donations to expand the ASPCA and with everyone's help we can stop all the hurt brought to animals. You can donate any amount every month.Just know that with your money you can make the number of animals abused go down and make the number of happy animals go
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