Animal Cruelty

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Animals are subjects to inhumane treatment by the hands of many individuals, however there is little done in order to protect them from this form of physical and neglectful treatment. Though there are several laws against this type of conduct, a great deal of animal abuse is unforeseen and these animals are victims whom cannot protect themselves. The state of New York describes felony animal cruelty as, “intentionally and without just cause seriously injuring or killing an animal” (Iannacone 2011). Yet often, individuals are not punished harshly for their crimes against animals. There are a number of reasons as to why individuals are cruel towards animals, ranging from: unintentional ignorance, personal gain such as money or food, …show more content…
By conducting research, I will like to observe the different forms of aggressive and/or violent behavior demonstrated to humans which untimely leads to cruelty towards animals. Taylor and Signal (2006) also looked at demographics and the likelihood that an individual will report observed animal cruelty. They observed demographics including: gender, age, employment status, income and educational level, religious and political beliefs, etc. Some of these demographics played more of a major role than others such as gender, employment status and the occupation in which an individual worked. Overall, path research done on animal cruelty has been done in order to relate different demographics and the exposure to animal cruelty, and also the likelihood of reporting the abuse. Also, research done on the casual link between violence against people and cruelty towards animals.
The aim of the study is to find if individuals who are violent towards people are more likely to be cruel towards animals as well. I believe that people who are violent towards other humans are also more prone to mistreat animals in a way that causes them harm or death. By administering a survey and asking questions that do not directly relate to knowingly violent behavior, and using the Likert Scale to see if an individual is more likely, or less likely to engage in certain behaviors, I will be

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