Animal Cruelty Should Be Punished

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Destiny Golden Ms. Tedesco English 9-4 24 February 2016 Animal Cruelty There are many cruel things that people are doing to hurt and neglect animals. This is called animal cruelty, and animal cruelty is when someone harms an animal or does not care for that animal responsibly, such as not giving a cat or dog food or water and not providing them with veterinary care. People who neglect animals should be punished and not have the right to own an animal because animal cruelty is a law and a felony and many people are doing wrong by breaking these laws. Another name for animal cruelty is animal neglect or animal abuse. www,google,com-definition Unfortunately, some people see when people are neglecting their animals and do not do anything about it or don’t tell anybody about it. There are several things that you should do if you see this occurring. Although you may feel that you should go straight in and get involved and hurry up and help the animal that is being abused, you should not do this because it is very unsafe and you should always proceed with caution. The ways to do this safely, is to not touch, which basically means do not try to stop the person who is the abuser because you may end up actually hurting yourself instead. Also, get an adult after you see the harsh cruelty happening and tell either family or that adult what you saw so they can call the animal clinic. Although you may be telling the

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