Animal Cruelty : The Impacts Of Animal On Animals

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Animal Cruelty: The impacts of animal cruelty on animals focusing on puppy farming and bullfighting and why abusiveness towards animals occurs.
There are multiple reasons why an individual may be cruel to animals, the main reasons include psychological issues, culture and also for the beneficial factor. The psychological angle towards animal abuse is often due to negative thoughts. If an individual is under a lot of stress and or pressure, they may like to vent it out on their animal. This could also be sign of mental illness.
In some countries, animal cruelty is accepted, for example bull fighting is a major event, which kills a lot of bulls each year. This occurs mainly in Spain and in China. There is a festival based in Yulin where the local believe eating dog is a tradition and in Japan custom tradition is to hunt whales and use their meat to make sushi. The customer tradition is evidently wrong and even the locals don’t like it.

A puppy farm or a puppy mill is an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, typically regarded as inhumane. Puppy’s that come from these distributors are usually sold at markets, garage sales and pet shops. Also the puppy’s can be sold at the farm itself, however the breeders use a shop front, coercing the customers to believe they are credible. The RSPCA is against puppy farms in Australia.
There are no particular benefits of a puppy farm, but looking at it from the point of view of a breeder – they…
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