Animal Descriptive Essay

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I call her the beast. A little, stubby-legged Pit Bull, that devours toys and household items alike. When she runs, she stumbles over her short legs in her excitement. She has a stomach of steel. Items she’s consumed include a whole chicken carcass, glass, protein powder, and a George-Foreman grill. On the other hand, she has to eat special kibble or she will throw up. If not given enough, meaning all, of my attention, she will crawl closer until she’s entirely on my lap, head pushed into my face. She drinks at least five gallons of water a day, consequently, she pees about five times a day. Her toys are chewed until they are indistinguishable, parts strewn across the carpet floor like a massacre. She has also marked the floors with her urine, puke, and waste. She's a beast, a devil dog, a bringer of mass destruction. I wouldn't have her any other way. Half of the reason she's so destructive is because she was most likely raised in a barn. I found her during winter, the time to sit by the fire with loved ones and let the cold entice from afar. She was in heat, a bloated belly to show for it. Only her nails were trimmed neatly to a point, evidence of ownership. She looked like something out of a horror movie, an actual devil dog, neck long and thin, muscular arms poised to protect herself. Her obvious abandonment has not held her back, she has plundered through life with all the grace of a bull in a china shop. Of course, she has her quirks. Her cropped ears twitch at every
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