Essay about Animal Dilemma

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Every year there are tens of millions of animals like rats, dogs, birds, and farm animals that are killed to discover new information on medical discoveries, product testing, and for educational purposes. Many believe animal testing is inhumane because just like humans, animals feel pain as well, but others believe we should not treat animals as moral equals. However, in the recent years there have been new products introduced to decrease the use of animal testing or even possibly completely stopping it.
Using animals for medical experimentation, product testing, and education is a controversial subject that often leads to a large argument. While the problems can go into detail, the suffering involved in animal experimentation is
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Development of antibiotics, HIV drugs, insulin and cancer treatments were all made possible by animal tests. (Animal Experimentation)These supporters argue that other testing techniques like Corrositex are not as realistic and correct as testing on live subjects. (Alternatives)
Furthermore, blood pressure, pacemakers, and heart and lung machines were used on animals before them being tried on humans. Medical procedures like measuring surgery techniques, like those to mend and eliminate bone diseases were worked out of experimentation on the animals. (Animal Experimentation) The people that support animal testing believe that humanity has a responsibility to take actions in ways that will reduce injury and take full advantage of benefits. Making the experimentation on animals illegal would not allow humanity to achieve these outcomes. It is understood that a scientist’s goal is to develop methods to reduce pain to every degree possible but for now we have to sacrifice the animal’s pain to achieve the outcomes. (Of Cures and Creatures Great and Small)
The people who agree with animal testing argue that the advantages of animal testing is more important in contrast to the costs of the sufferings caused on somewhat less number of animals. They argue that humanity is required to get the most out of the opportunities to generate such valuable consequences even at the cost of inflicting pain to some animals. Many of these people argue that the
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