Animal Doctor Research Paper

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They say that the hardest decision is to decide what you want to be when you grow up and to me that could not be a more accurate statement. The earliest memory I have is my mother telling me to go to college and honestly she’s right. She would repeat it so much it is now engraved in my brain. She had my brother, who at the age of four, told people he was going to “olive” because he couldn’t pronounce the c or the g. She always said we had to go but never what we were going to do once there. She left that part up to us to decide because it is our decision.
In elementary school, they would always ask us what we wanted to be. Like the grade schooler that I was, my mind would change faster than even I could keep track. At that age, I was not unlike the other kids who wanted to be brave firefighters or valiant astronauts, although I admit now the aspect of space travel scares me. And then of course the all so popular veterinarian profession I have chosen to pursue as of today, or “Animal Doctor” as we called it then. But
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Unfortunately, I have an extreme phobia of needles used on people so that crossed out human medicine but I when watching a veterinarian TV show one night, I realized that needles when used on animals didn’t affect me at all. I was overall more intrigued and had so many questions. I then concluded that veterinary medicine was the solution to my dilemma.
Of course, that wasn’t the end (if it were only that simple). I needed to refine my search more and found that there was a type of veterinary medicine that works with horses. Me being a horse obsessed child who always wanted a pony after listening to my mother’s stories of grandeur when growing up on a ranch in Texas, but couldn’t due to financial troubles at the time, was entirely awestruck by the idea of working with horses. From that point on I made that my life goal and would do anything to reach
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