Animal Endangerment And Extinction Of Habitat

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I. Animal Endangerment/Extinction II. Abused/Abandoned Animals III. Over Farming/Land Misuse IV. Environmental Pollution V. Deforestation I. Animal Endangerment/Extinction A. Destruction of Habitat B. Pollution C. Hunting and Fishing II. Abused/Abandoned Animals A. Confined, Major Culprit Climate Change B. Huge Amounts of Manure, Pollutes Soil C. Dead Animals, Pollutes the quality of life for individuals who live close. III. Over Farmed/Land Misuse A. Soil Erosion B. Land Degradation C. Genetic Erosion IV. Environmental Pollution A. Grave and Irreparable Damage B. Air Pollution C. Water, Soil, Noise, Light V. Deforestation A. Permanent Destruction of Forest B. Damage to the quality of Land C. Excessive Devastation/Clearing I. Animal Endangerment/Extinction A. Destruction of Habitat/Effects on the environment 1. Animals are endangered and becoming extinct, because humans have no regards for the natural habitat that animals need to survive, less causing animal death which pollutes soil. 2. Animals are used in environmental enrichment strategies, and wildlife research, etc. B. Pollution 1. The presence or introduction into the environment of a substance, or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects. 2. Pollution effects, Environmental pollution has been a fact of life for many years/centuries, but it became a real problem since the state of the industrial revolution. C. Hunting and Fishing/Effects on the Environment 1. Hunting effects many things,
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