Animal Euthanizing Research Paper

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Millions of animals are put down every year due to the ignorance of pet owners. You may be asking yourself, well how many animals are put down per year? Your answer is 2.7 million animals are euthanized every year. That is only in the United States, in foreign countries that number is much higher. Here in San Bernardino we have overpopulated shelters because animal control does not enforce the spay/neuter laws. The law here in San Bernardino states “ Dogs older than 4 months must be spayed or neutered if their owner has violated State laws or County Codes regarding animals. Please see County Code 32.1502 for more information.” So yes, by law we must have our pets altered and yet so many animals run free in the streets only later to procreate. I personally became involved in animal rescue after seeing the immense amount of strays I encountered on a daily basis. This made me want to get involved and make a change. Besides being the law, there are benefits to helping your furry family member live a better life. Education is key. There are many health benefits to getting your animal spayed/neutered. The biggest and most important benefit is lowering the amount of animal euthanized every…show more content…
Educating people is the key to breaking this cycle that feel like it could never be broken. Even if we are starting off locally a change is possible, a quote I love is “Think globally, act locally” this tells me the little I do could make a wave and my small voice can be heard globally. Also we can take a stand to animal control to make changes in their lazy ways to enforce altering laws. This would make their jobs less difficult. Let us all put a piece of the puzzle in and make a change in our local community. Do not run from the problem, engage in it and be the difference in today’s society. Alter your pets to help bring down the immense amount of innocent lives put down every
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