Animal Experimentation And The Human Body And Other Medical Problems

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A lot has been discovered by experimenting on animals in order to find ways humans to fight against various diseases and other medical problems. The earliest writings on animal experimentation have been found as early as 500 B.C in Greece; where animals have been operated on to determine the anatomy of the human body and other medical reasons. It is estimated that 26 million animals are used for animal testing every year in the U. S alone in order for to conduct research. The need of further suffering of animals is now unnecessary because of our understanding of sciences and technology is far more advanced to allow the use of alternative ways to accomplish similar if not better results in medical research. People would say that…show more content…
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimated that 92% of drugs that were tested on animals and proved to be safe, failed in human trials because of reasons such as being too dangerous or leading to different side effects that were not present during the test that were performed on animals. A lot of tested and approved drugs that were released to the public have been taken down because of the drug being harmful to their consumers. It is estimated that prescription drugs that are tested safe on animals kill about 100,000 people each year. What is the point of killing thousands if not millions of animals for tests on drugs, if they don 't prove to be effective on humans and lead to negative results? In the British Medical Journal titled “Where Is the Evidence That Animal Research Benefits Humans?”, the researchers examined animal studies and concluded that there is little evidence that exists to support the idea that animal experimentation has benefited humans. People are misled to the fact that animal experiments are only meant to be used for medical research, but in reality a lot of animals are used in experiment to fulfill the curiosity of the researchers. Research on animals also misleads the results of potential cures that are effective on humans. For example, billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research by the government and funding to find the cure for various types of cancer with the use of animals. Most of the
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