Animal Experimentation And The Human Body And Other Medical Problems

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A lot has been discovered by experimenting on animals in order to find ways humans to fight against various diseases and other medical problems. The earliest writings on animal experimentation have been found as early as 500 B.C in Greece; where animals have been operated on to determine the anatomy of the human body and other medical reasons. It is estimated that 26 million animals are used for animal testing every year in the U. S alone in order for to conduct research. The need of further suffering of animals is now unnecessary because of our understanding of sciences and technology is far more advanced to allow the use of alternative ways to accomplish similar if not better results in medical research. People would say that experiments done to animals is ethical because they are genetically similar to us, but when asked if it is morally correct, they say yes because animals are not like us. The experiment conducted on animals does not always produce the same results as if used on humans. Even though the DNA of chimpanzees is 99% and mice are 98% similar to humans, there are still metabolic, anatomical and cellular differences between animals and humans. Due to those reasons, animals are poor subjects to be used for testing. Because animal subjects are so unreliable, there are always human trials conducted in order for the product to be allowed to release to the public. Millions of animal are killed in order for drugs to be tested, which in most cases reveal different…
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