Animal Experimentation And The Medical Field

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Every year in high-school, the discussion about animal experimentation would be brought up either in a Science or English class. The discussions would last about three quarters of a period, and they would go nowhere because nobody could agree whether it was a good or bad thing to do. I would always be in the middle of the debate because, I believed that it was a good thing. I am for animal experimentation because it has revolutionized the medical field, regulates the overpopulation of certain animal species in the environment, and follows a certain set of laws set by the Animal Welfare Act. The first reason I support animal experimentation is because it has revolutionized the medical field. For thousands of years there have been reports of animal experimentation throughout the courses of history. “Ancient Greek philosophers such as Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) observed and manipulated numerous animals, establishing that mammals in particular resembled humans to the extent that they could act as stand-ins. (Bruce Jennings)” As Bruce Jennings described, animal experimentation has been around since the great historians. Also, one-hundred years after Aristotle made the discovery that the human and animal anatomy were similar, a physician made a miraculous discovery. “The Roman physician Galen (199-129 B.C.E.)…tied off the utters from a cow to show they channeled urine from the kidneys to the bladder, and he cut the spinal cord in different places to demonstrate the connections…
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