Animal Experimentation, Ethics, And Ethics

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Animal experimentation and Ethics -Tseten dolkar The practice of experimentation on live animals as known as vivisection is prevalent since the old roman days. In the name of Science, Animals are being mistreated, exploited and murdered worldwide. Animal are used in experimentation to meet human interest, in research and to test product and this has been a subject of conflicts for decades. Animal-based research is used not only in the field of medicine but also in agriculture, scientific research, and in military experiment. Animal experimentation is believed to be a necessity in the health welfare of human beings and for that, every year over hundred million of animals are being killed for research purposes (USDA). Last year experiments on 2.6 million animals of which only 1266 were used on cosmetic testing (the Australian, 1988.p.14). Before a product is claimed as human-friendly, countless animal friends are being poisoned, tortured or killed. Although people benefits from animal research it is simply against ethical principal. However Medical experiments are regarded quite justifiable since it is driven by necessity while cosmetic testing is not. Therefore, necessary medical testing can be balanced against the
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