Animal Experimentation : Imagine An Innocent, Adorable Rabbit

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Emma Knorr
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September 13, 2014

Animal Experimentation Imagine an innocent, adorable rabbit. This rabbit is contained in a cage so small that he cannot turn around or sitdown. There is a burning sensation in his eye so painful that he can barely stand it, but he cannot reach it because his legs are bound in the cage. He is fed minimal amounts of food and given barely enough water to survive. With his good eye he can see dozens of rabbits around him stuck in the same situation. A few of his fellow rabbits have died from the effects of these chemicals in their eyes. This scenario is a reality for too many animals. Not only rabbits are being experimented on, but so are dogs, cows, rats, and other animals. In fact, there is no species safe from the horrors of animal experimentation. Animal experimentation is awful. It is an unnecessary and unethical practice that should be put to an end. Animal experimentation is wasteful, cruel, and often inaccurate. Not only does it bring harm to many innocent animals, but results from these experiments often do not benefit humans.
The federal Animal Welfare Act of 1966 is a law designed to protect animals from cruelty. It sets guidelines for the minimal care of laboratory animals. No animals are excluded from experimentation, but some do have loose guidelines that are aimed to provide protection for them within laboratories. The definition of “animal” as stated in the AWA is “any live or dead dog, cat, monkey…

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