Animal Experimentation Is Fundamental For Medical Advancement And Cancer Research

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Animal experimentation has been a controversial issue amongst scientists and animal activists since the early 1600s (Animal Testing - When it comes to the topic of animal experimentation, most of us will readily agree that it’s necessary for medical research. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of morality. Whereas some are convinced that it’s unethical and scientifically unnecessary, others maintain that it’s needed for medical progress. My stance on the subject is animal experimentation is fundamental for medical advancement and cancer research.
An ample amount of human deaths are being avoided every single day due to the studies found through animal experimentation. Animal research has led to the development of treatments for numerous diseases, cancers, and illnesses and have benefit a great amount of people (Americans for Medical Progress). I, myself, have befitted from animal experimentation. I have a skin disease known as psoriasis. It’s non-contagious, but incurable. However, animal testing has led to the development of creams, shampoos, and treatments that have helped my condition. Without animal experimentation, these treatments couldn’t have been created, and my condition would be abominable. Not only do humans benefit from animal experimentation, but animals benefit from it as well. Animals are exposed to just as many, if not more, disease as humans are. Without animal experimentation, veterinarians and other health care…
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