Animal Experimentation Is Necessary For Medical Purposes

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For decades, the use of animal experimentation has played a vital role in science and has lead to the development of numerous vaccines. However, since it’s beginning, numerous amounts of people have disagreed and protested against this act classifying it has inhumane as well as cruelty. Many organizations have worked to try and abolish animal testing in order to protect animal rights. Against their accusations and beliefs, scientist disagree greatly with the extinction of animal testing because of its value as well as importance to science. Animal experimentation is necessary for medical purposes due to the fact that it has led to many groundbreaking and beneficial advancements in science. The practice of using animals in medical research has led to significant scientific leaps in the treatment of various diseases. It is necessary for the preventing, detecting, and curing of many diseases. This research has helped with disease such as AIDS, heart disease, artificial arteries, spinal cord injuries, leprosy, malaria, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer 's disease, epilepsy, a variety of birth defects and countless others (Derbyshire). None of this would have happened without animal experimentation. In nineteen fifty-two, more than fifty-eight thousand children contracted Polio. Thousands died from it and thousands more had to spend the rest of their lives in a machine called the iron lung(Cohen and Regan). A vaccination for Polio was under development for some time. Without the
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