Essay about Animal Experimentation Is Not Ethical!

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An ongoing conflict among the human species is that of animal cruelty, whether it be by scientific experiments, tests, or research. I frequently wonder, do the individuals performing these atrocious tasks ask themselves if what he/she is doing is ethically correct? I believe that it is not right to treat animals in such an inhumane manner, but to treat them as our own kind, for they are clever, spirited beings. These helpless animals cannot defend themselves against abuse. In my opinion, it is morally appropriate to grant the same rights to animals as we human beings acquire and to end, or even just to minimize, animal cruelty in laboratories. Although there have been some benefits of animal testing for medical prospect, alternative…show more content…
Sometimes, they even have to go without pain medication. These living beings are either left there to suffer, or put to sleep. I can't even begin to imagine how gruesome it must be to look into a pair of terrified eyes, knowing that in a matter of minutes, those same eyes could be blank and lifeless due to an experiment that I had performed. If I were in that position, I would gather all of the animals that I could and smuggle them home to keep them out of harms way. I have many pets of my own, and knowing what some people have the audacity to do to those innocent, dependent creatures is repulsive. Tell me, can we always rely on the experiments of animals to give us accurate information? Sure, testing has aided in the development of vaccines for life threatening diseases, such as polio, rabies, malaria, etc. However, there have been instances in which animal testing has been unsuccessful and resulted in harm for many people. For example, in the 1960s-1970s, the Thalidomide Tragedy had occurred. The German market came out with a drug, Thalidomide, that was intended to be a sedative for breastfeeding or pregnant mothers. It was tested on countless animals and was considered safe to be used by humans. Thousands of women who had used this “wonder drug” gave birth to children with severe deformities. As you can see, an animal's response to a drug can differ drastically from that of a human. Therefore, experiments conducted can be
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