Animal Experimentation Is The Cruel Silent Animal

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Animal Experimentation No doubt, we all love our products whether it be beauty, medicinal, or cleaning purposes. Of course they satisfy our needs and maybe even go above and beyond and just make the smallest difference or the biggest in our lives by improving or making things easier. Ever wonder how these products go about being made? Probably not. This however is something we should consider paying close attention to. Behind the scenes of our most favorite products is the cruel, silent methods of animal experimentation. What is animal experimentation exactly? Animal experimentation is when animals are used for scientific research. It has played a huge role in biomedical history, but it’s also been one of the most controversial discussions. In most cases, they are used for cosmetic products or medicine. A wide variety of animals are used which include rabbits, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, monkeys, birds, mice, and fish. Several laws have been passed to make this kind of practice more “humane” (Hajar). In today’s time, animal organizations and rights groups have taken this to be one of their main priorities to stop this. Even in the past people have been disturbed by the painful and unnecessary treatment of the animal subjects. Throughout history, animal experimentation occurred in many ancient cultures, mostly for the purpose of testing products for human use. Animal experimentation dates back to the early periods as scientists became more interested in anatomy.…
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