Animal Experimentation Should Be Abolished

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Animal experimentation is used across the world to develop new medicines and to test the safety of other products. The history of animal experimentation dates back to the ancient times when scientists made use of animals principally to satisfy anatomical curiosity. They would examine sensory and motors nerves to gain a deeper understanding of their functions. The testing of these animals is not a widespread topic that we are talking about in today’s society. We seem to have just accepted the fact that animal testing goes on, and we really do not take any further notice towards it. We do not take into consideration that more often than not, many of these experiments do inflict pain on these animals and reduce their quality of life in many other ways. Animal experimentation should be abolished because it is torturous to animals and unethical to destroy an animal’s life.
To begin with, both humans and animals have gifts that are unique to our species. We all have the right to live our lives to the fullest, animals or human. When we animal testing is used, animals are denied these rights. As the famous philosopher Jeremy Bentham states, "The question is not, can they think? But can they suffer?" Animals are sentient beings, which means they are fully capable of being able to feel and perceive things. So to answer Bentham’s question, animals do suffer. The animals which are being used in experimentation do not only feel physical pain, but feel psychological pain too. The…
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